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              JA系列中的“J”代表應急啟動(Jump Start),而“A”代表氣泵(Air Pump)。該系列產品由我們的設計師 P.L. 設計,強大的工業設計結合了旨在借鑒汽車形象的時尚元素。左側方的LED燈參考了越野車車頭燈的原型,產品的控制面板,參考了汽車儀表盤的風格。


              Who is Lokithor?

              Established in 2020 out of a dedication to improving sustainable mobility, Lokithor designs, manufactures ,and sells jump starters and related products. We offer a full range of innovative products and solutions that make mobility not only more convenient but also more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

              We aim to provide easy and trouble-free solutions for automotive emergencies, as well as strive to deliver inventive products and improve the driving experience.

              It is additionally our mission to improve the daily life of all car owners. In order to achieve this, we listen to our customers' feedback and needs.  We consider it especially vital to understand our customers' issues for current, existing products so that we improve our product development. (Lokithor 英文版介紹)